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Innovative, eye-catching branding embellishes your product making it memorable, distinctive and unique in character.

Good branding conveys your marketing message to current and potential customers. This message can be quality, reliability, efficiency, prestige, economy - the list is almost endless!

Make sure you deliver the right message with a tailor make branding solution from IML Badges & Mouldings. IML offer a wide range of branding badges and nameplates in chrome, vinyl, enamel and multi-coloured finishes, there is a branding solution for all applications.

Tooling and Moulding Process

IML have skilled operatives in the business who work with the customer to ensure that all elements of the design of the badge are accurately reproduced in the tooling and moulding process. Controlling the manufacturing process in-house, including creation of the moulding tools, we ensure competitive prices, quick lead-times, high quality and personal service. A brief description of the tooling process is found in our About Us page.

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Our friendly, knowledgeable Sales Team are on hand to discuss your needs and put together a customised proposal for you based on your specific needs, budget and time-frame. 

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